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details come from nsa leaker edward snowden. he shared them with the "washington post." we have infractions was unauthorized surveillance of u.s. citizens. >> a lot of what happens in the agency, even the nsa is reflection of the culture they see from the top and you have have a president and administration that revels going beyond the box, if you will, that they're limited to to by law and i think that seeped all the way down into the nsa. jon: wendell goler is live in martha's vineyard where president obama is on vacation. any response from the administration, wendell? >> reporter: well, jon, the nsa says these are mistakes and while the number of them may seem large it is really a small percentage of the phone calls and emails the agency tracks. the information was contained in a 2012 audit as allison said, edward snowden leaked to "the washington post." when nsa make as mistake carrying out the foreign intelligence commission they report it earn certainly to federal overseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. the audit says the nsa decided not to tell the oversight
, like "national geographic" today. bill: i will be in washington tomorrow. you're in new york on stand by for anything that happens. martha: i will be on bill o'reilly tonight. "happening now" starts right now >> i have a dream. jon: five decades after dr. martin luther king, jr. spoke at the lincoln memorial, president obama and other dignitaries will stand on the same steps to commemorate the march on washington, the same steps where dr. king delivered his "i have a dream" speech to a quarter of a million people and thousands are expected to gather there today. we will have much more on today's events throughout our time on the air. >> top story now. a fox news alert. preparations for a strike on syria. right now u.s.-led air or missile strikes, they're looking all but certainty point. the timing is still unclear but the obama administration is working out we're told all the details. the u.n. security council, set for a showdown. and britain is saying it will put forward a resolution seeking authorization for military action. russia calling the move premature. and american ally israe
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that they have in terms of closing these embassies and consulates. >> given the climate in washington right now, that is most unusual. is there any feeling this is the government issuing a warning at a time when the nsa is under scrutiny for its broad-reaching surveillance programs? >> reporter: well, clearly the information came as a result of those nsa surveillance programs. the doubters may think so but even congressman pete king, republican from new york, former head of homeland security and the administration's most vocal critic says no. >> we can't criticize them for doing too little with benghazi and not criticize them for doing too much. i give them credit for learning from benghazi and that's why they're firming up the embassies. as far as the worldwide alert i think it is absolutely warranted in this situation. >> reporter: the al qaeda leader, al-zawahiri who took over for bin laden after he was culled issued calls from separate audiotapes from wherever he is hiding in pakistan. the second 14-minute tape was posted on internet on friday. germany, france, england have intercepted simi
,al sharia. right now no one has been arrested. steve centanni's live in washington on this top story. the charges are sealed, but what do we know about them? >> reporter: very little is known at this point. the indictment has been issues, we don't know exactly what the charges are, we also don't know exactly who is being named, though we have some idea. but this is the first criminal indictment in the aftermath of the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, an attack, as you mentioned, that left four americans dead. a u.s. official confirmed the indictment while the justice department, on the record, is only saying that the investigation is ongoing and remains a top priority. now, some say it hadn't been a top priority, and the indictments don't go far enough. >> the real question is, is the government committed, is president obama committed to capture and kill these people? at this point almost 11 months afterwards, it doesn't appear so. >> reporter: now, we don't know if the three suspects originally identified by the fbi are, indeed, among the ones indicted. in an interview cond
the conversal law. molly henneberg live for us in washington with these details. molly? >> reporter: heather, planned parenthood applied for and received the grant money any, called a navigator grant, it is marked to help people learn and navigate through the obamacare health insurance exchanges. the but republicans say this is round-about way to get money to the largest abortion provider in the country. planned parenthood is unique to talk to young women and under obamacare. how the grant money will be used a spokesperson said, quote, these grants will enable local planned parenthood affiliates to help enroll in new, more offaffordable plans that cover preventative care, maternity care, emergency care. these have nothing to do with abortions and won't be used for abortion services. but republican lawmakers, tennessee representative diane black is not buying it. president obama promised that federal taxpayer dollars that fund obamacare would not two so abortion providers there is no way to verify with these grants to planned parenthood. >> money is fungible. so how can we be assured that the
of duty and nobody should be fired. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live in d.c. for us with that, james? >> reporter: jon and jenna good morning, aids to secretary of state john kerry say he is with these actions trying to quote, shift the paradigm inside the state department. in the wake of terrorist the axe on u.s. con sue lated and benghazi left four americans dead on zest 11th including u.s. ambassador to libya, four state department officials were on administrative leave. that left hem unable to work but still receiving salaries. one of four, secretary of state, eric boswell in charge of diplomatic security, seen on your screen resigned his posts. the other three have returned to work. maxwell complained to the "daily beast" complained of being a scapegoat. the director in the center of your screen testified in a deposition in february he didn't know why he had been placed on leave after the attacks. that is believed to be the only court testimony about benghazi yet given. the four were sanctioned after admiral mike mullen and ambassador thomas pickerring, cochairs
to keep them out of his administration. james rosen, live in washington with more on that story. hi, james. >> reporter: gregg, good morning. the president's tone on lobbyists casting them virtually as an instrument of devil, evil of modearn american politics would be exorcised from the white house in obama administration was said early on. indeed the very speech which then senator barack obama announced his candidacy for the presidency. >> write the check and you get stuck with the bill. they get access while you get to write a letter. they think they own this government but we're here today to take it back. [cheers and applause] the time for that kind of politics is over! it is through! it is time to turn the page right here, and right now. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: but the relationship between the obama administration and the dennisons of washington fabled k street have hardly been so hostile. both big ticket laws the president signed overhauling the health care and financial services saw heavy lobbying by those industries and thousands of pages of regulation that accompanied t
with ambassador john bolton. he is coming up at the bottom of the hour. jenna: now we're going back to washington, d.c. some new information on the scandal surrounding the irs for allegedly targeting tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status. members of the house oversite committee are demanding access to personal emails from irs official lois learner. they suspect she sent work-related emails through her private account and they think that may help them in their investigation. doug mckelway has more from washington. so, doug, what's the big deal? can someone send personal emails through a personal email accounts while also working for the government? >> reporter: well, there's a bit after fine line there. it may be illegal. that's what they want to find out. that is certainly but one of the reasons that the house oversight committee is requesting lois learner turn over all official correspondence and documents in her private account. the letter sent to her says, quote the fact that it appears lois home is saved in your irs email account raises concerns that you have sent irs documents to at lea
liberals are talking about running in 2016 as well. carl cameron has details in washington for us. carl. >> reporter: while headlines have gotten sour for mrs. clinton. she and her husband and family are on the hamptons taking a break. she is more public then she tended to be in the nascent campaign and frankly headlines have been negative. a whole series of things gone wrong. the whole benghazi investigation. there is investigation whether strings were pulled to help her brother's company get visas for foreign investors. even anthony weiner scandal, her wife is one of her top aides and shy has had to take a leave of absence. for all the headlines, liberal candidates are trying to suggest they need clinton all terntives. lo and behold howard dean stepped up and volunteered himself. looks like he will be serious about this. i lost a bruising nomination fight to john kerry in 2008. he will now visit iowa twice and new hampshire once the next few weeks. dean, the first democrat to tap the internet for major donations in 2003 has suggested that there's plenty of room for a progressive to ru
news. gregg: and new details on yet another scandal involving the irs in washington, a manual instructing agents to cover up sources during investigations hiding their trail. we're going to talk to one of the reporters who broke that story. >>> plus, andrea snyderman getting very emotional in court, what got her so very upset. >>> and the sun is gearing up for a solar flip. what that may mean for us here on earth. it's all "happening now." ♪ ♪ gregg: and there are more details emerging on a brand new washington scandal. hello, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. jenna: it's hard to keep track of them all. nice to have you with us, hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee, and we told you earlier this week about a secretive dea program that feeds tips to law enforcement. those tips can help launch investigations on americans. the issue in question is whether or not we would know if the federal government is initially behind an arrest. the government denies any wrongdoing here, and there is no evidence at this time that this information has been misused. but the main concern i
have brand knew stories and breaking news. jon: all eyes on washington right now as president obama meets with national security team to weigh his next move in syria, after britain votes against military action to punish the assad regime for the reported use of chemical weapons. will the united states to it alone? fox live team coverage on rapidly unfolding events in syria. >>> plus the bug guns are coming out to sell obamacare as the deadline to set up health care exchanges approaches after some major glitches in the rollout. >>> a husband pleads not guilty to a shocking murder in florida. what he says happened before he posted pictures of his dead wife's body on facebook. it's all happening now. jon: but force, secretary of state john kerry expected to speak about 90 minutes from now as we await the release of declassified intelligence assessment of the chemical attack in syria that killed hundreds of people, many of them children. good morning i'm jon scott. >> good to be here with you, jon. big news day. i'm alisyn camerota in for jenna lee. president hopes this will make the ca
to washington will ask for authorization from congress to do something in a very surgical and proportional way. something gets their attention that causes them to understand we are not going to put up with this kind of activity. >> we have to verify it was directed by the assad regime. that will allows to build an international coalition which is necessary to take any further steps in syria and will help to diffuse some of the countries like iran and russia who are trying to pawn this off on the rebels. jon: jamie weinstein, senior editor for "the daily caller." let me echo something our chief white house correspondent ed henry has been asking, jamie m the president argued that the war in iraq, he called a, dumb war. so how does he now make the case that we should insister screen in syria? >> well it is difficult but he is certainly pressured to do so in the openly by some elements of the lindsey graham and john mccain but by some from his own party. a year ago he said a red line with use of chemical response. in some ways he boxed himself in here to do some type after response. if he doesn't,
congressional correspondent mike emanuel in washington with details on that. so what else are they saying about this problem? >> reporter: well, jon, lawmakers from both parties are saying there is unintended good news that there is less drug dealing, but identity theft is, obviously, hurting a lot of their constituents, so here's an example of some bipartisan concern. >> will it's being said that tax fraud is actually taking work away from drug dealers because it's easier and safer to scam the irs than it is to sell butting drugs. >> i just want to make sure we are aiming towards the problem. you know, we can have motion, emotion and no results. and the problem just gets worse. and so i'm looking forward to the testimony, but i'm also looking forward to solutions. >> reporter: to explain congressman cummings' comment there, he's been at odds with republicans over the targeting of conservative groups, so that's why he's emphasizing solutions. jon: and what's the irs saying about all this? >> reporter: well, it's certainly been a bumpy week for officials. the witnesses have told lawmakers the ha
. that's why we're in washington. we'll see you back there tomorrow. martha: we'll see you then. "happening now" starts right now >> brand new stories and breaking news. jon: big questions how the u.s. will handle the growing crisis in syria. u.s. navy destroyer heading toward the eastern mediterranean. that will bring total of the destroyers to five. one of america's closest allies says a military strike is not says a military strike is not . >>> one recalling the obamacare process a train wreck. >>> sometimes you need the burger fast. could a strike get between you and your big mack today? emac has the answer. e its is "happening now." 10. jon: good morning to you the white house is working to bolster case on syria. there could be days before there is any action. hello, i'm jon scott. >> jon, great to be with you. i'm alisyn camerota in for jenna today. u.s. officials gather intelligence to justify military action against the assad regime. jon: just yesterday president obama said there is no doubt the syrian government carried out last week's chemical attack killing hundreds o
is i have for us in washington. catherine, what is the reaction from the nsa? >> reporter: heather, the nsa is pushing back against "the wall street journal" story this morning though officials do not point to a specific claim other than saying the figure of 75% is overly broad. in a statement to fox news a nsa spokesperson says quote, nsa signals intelligence mission is centered on defeating foreign adversaries who are aiming to harm the country. we defend against threats and working to protect privacy rights of u.s. persons. it is not either/or. it is both. the use of the devices that allow the agency to pull data in real time as it passes through web networks. the in. sa's definition of collection relies on an intelligence directive which defines collection as analyzing retrieving information, not actually storing it, heather. heather: catherine, where does it leave the administration? >> reporter: in his most recent comments on the ns aft controversy president obama said more americans learn about the nsa programs and safeguards built into the programs he believes the more comf
in the middle east. it is looking a lot like yemen. the problem we have washington has few carrots left with egypt. all we have left is 1.5 billion dollars in aid we give them annually and a billion dollars does not buy as much as it could in 1980 when aid first reached the billion dollar mark. inflation has eroded much of that. after the military overthrew president morsi, saudi arabia, united emirates and wait stepped up with 12 billion dollars in one week. that is more than the united states gives in almost a decade. the problem if the united states does cut aid, the generals will use that move to a nationalist, anti-foreign backlash which will only increase the popularity and shift the conversation away from more than 500 dead. jenna: if i could, that's sounds what our president was talking about. the talk he gave less than an hour ago, he took on directly the critics blaming the united states for the state of egypt right now, saying america doesn't determine the future of egypt. we want a peaceful, democratic, prosperous country. how do you think those words are being heard on the
will face reduced penalties. that is what we're hearing now. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live in d.c. with more. james? >> reporter: jenna, good morning. the starting point for attorney general holder's prison reform program is statistic. mainly since 1908 the u.s. population has grown 33% but the prison inmaim population in that same time has grown by almost 800% n his speech to the american bar association in san francisco this afternoon the attorney general will announce new policies at department of justice designed to prevent, low level, non-violent drug offenders from facing stiff mandatory sentences. holder will announce a plan to release elderly non-violent prisoners who have served, quote, significant portions of their sentences. attorney general will say the u.s. must never stop being tough on crime but be quote, smarter on crime. spending on federal, state and local incarceration reached 08 billion in 2010 alone. the ag sketched out his thoughts on reform in a senate appropriation subcommittee two months ago. >> we want to work on prevention activities and w
does when it has to control costs. for the first time we're seeing con know mizeing in washington. the deficit this he year, jenna, this year, the deficit could be half of what it was the year before. that is substantial progress. jenna: interesting. a lot of bluster about the plan. interesting to your your perspective on it and the reality of it and maybe there is a lesson somehow with other programs. i still can't go for a tour the by the way. white house said no tours until a later date. i don't know. >> you asked me the question is this the best way to cut the budget? no, jenna, it is not the best way to cut the budget but it may be the only way to cut the federal budget. jenna: that is of value. we'll continue to talk about it. it will be a big story in the fall as you know, steve. we look forward to have you on to talk about it as always. >> thanks, generics you can still stand on pennsylvania avenue and look through the bars. jenna: can you but you can't schedule a tour. jon: not yet the maybe some day. >>> just in a disturbing new report that a rebranded version of al qaed
cameron has more from washington. so a lot of proposals, carl. we're not sure exactly what will become of them, but what is the president proposing today in. >> reporter: well, he wants to strengthen the housing market by making 30-year mortgages more available, and one of the ways would be to do away with fannie mae and freddie mac and institute more capital into mortgage lending. shaun donovan is the president's hud secretary, the secretary of housing and urban development. he's how he put it this morning. >> we also have to make sure we never go back to a system that takes trillions of dollars in housing wealth away from families that can crash the spire world economy. so -- the entire world economy. so a big focus is how do we build a safe, stable housing finance system for the future. >> reporter: and a future where the housing is affordable. here's the shorthand. the president will say phase out fannie mae and freddie mac -- that will not be easy, he's looking for new ways to encourage private capital and investment into what would be a new system of partially government-backed m
the groups. well chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington with more details on this. mike, this is startling to a lot of people out there. what more do we know about the latest revelations coming out about the irs? >> reporter: kelly, good morning that irs agent told sveltetores from the house ways and means committee if the tea party group paperwork came in he would send the application for secondary screening. he says that the is guide distance from his current manager which house ways and means manager dave camp calls outrageous. the fact that the irs still continues to treat the tea party differently and subject them to additional target something outrageous and must stop immediately. i spoke with a key gop senator a few moments ago who offered this reaction. >> this is an outrage. it shows that the allegation that this practice had been discontinued is false and it bears more investigation. i hope the mainstream media will continue to follow up on this too because the american people need to get to the truth. >> reporter: i reached out to the irs for com
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)